Over the last decade or so, Vidushi has been leading investments in early-stage, technology-first companies at Kae Capital, and has worked closely with entrepreneurs at the cusp of innovation and change to scale their ventures. She is now looking to bring her experiences to bear to address the climate crisis and believes we need a thriving, functional ecosystem that has a sense of urgency and organises ideas, innovations and investment, to deploy solutions for a sustainable future. As part of this journey, she is also a Fellow with 10-in-10 and Complexity University.
Vidushi started her career at Accenture where she was part of the core team that facilitated Accenture’s growth in India from being a niche management-consulting firm, employing about 200 people, into a multi-business organisation (Consulting, Technology and Outsourcing) with over 30,000 people. Her next stint was as an entrepreneur where she co-founded Start-Up! an accelerator for social enterprises and impact first ventures.